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CDS offers technology solutions that match facilities of all scales.


No matter if you are new in the container recycling industry, a small or large depot operator or run a cause-driven organization we have a solution to suit all needs.


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ART data management icon.png  Auto Redemption Terminal (ART)

A supervised self-serve machine that is designed to provide a convenient and efficient way for consumers to redeem their empty beverage containers for a refund.

When a container is deposited into the ART, the machine uses its AI vision-based system to identify and classify the container and sort it for recycling. No barcode reading is needed, meaning containers in all shapes and conditions are recognized.

  • AI Vision-based
  • Count and classification of eligible containers
  • Not barcode reliant
  • Supervision required
  • Individual manual placement of containers by the customer
  • Real-time cash and data management
  • Automatically integrated with state-specific schemes
  • High-speed functioning: Single user capable of returning 100+ containers per minute


Continuously improving our technology to promote overall depot functionality, productivity and customer experience 



MIS red line icon.png  Manual Input Station (MIS)

Allows for staff at manual count-and-sort depot facilities to securely input data from customer returns.

  • RFID technology
  • Security and traceability of transactions
  • Ability to separate data into the required commodities
  • Provides a QR code ticket after each transaction
  • Real time data captured and synchronised with the state specific scheme
  • Ability to process customer bagdrops


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 CRT red lines icon.png Cash Redemption Terminal (CRT)

A secure cash dispensing terminal that offers an automated payment of returns. It works as a self-serve checkout, by scanning the ticket provided by the ART or MIS.

  • Safe and secure cash management
  • Each ticket is cross-validated with the corresponding ART or MIS to ensure the correct payment
  • Directly linked to corresponding state schemes
  • Payment Options 
     Scheme Pay
    MIS is included with the CRT offerings 


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