Our role in the community

At CDS we believe that anything we do should bring value to the community and generate a positive environmental and social impact.  


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This is what we do when we are not helping the world by recycling containers 


Community Champions program

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Are you, or do you know ...An avid recycler? Someone returning empties to pay towards a cause? Saving each 10c to pay for medical treatment, a social reason or a community group?

We are looking for you! It is your time to shine

Get in touch with us to discuss how CDS can help you reach those goals and let's encourage everyone to do the right thing together.



Lumary City Bay 2023

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On September 17, the CDS team laced up their running shoes and hit the pavement at the annual Lumary City Bay Fun Run.

Not only did we have an amazing time participating in this fantastic event, but we also fundraised a total of $762 in support of the Sammy D Foundation. Our team came together with energy and enthusiasm, running for a purpose and making every step count. 

At CDS, we believe in giving back to the community that has given us so much, and events like the Lumary City-Bay Fun Run allow us to do just that.


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Sam’s life was tragically cut short by a one-punch attack in 2008. In his memory, the Sammy D Foundation was formed to educate young people on the impacts of bullying, and drug & alcohol-fueled violence. 

Every year, the foundation organises a special day in memory of Sam and fundraises towards the great work all volunteers are doing in preventing young violence through education. 

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During February 2023, we challenged ourselves to walk 56,000 steps daily to help
young south australians walk away from addictions.
By the end of the challenge, we have raised $1,979.

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City-Bay 2022

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In 2022 the CDS team joined Sammy D Foundation
to run the City to Bay journey as we raised awareness and funds that enabled
Sammy D Foundation to continue providing
education and mentoring support to young people
in our community.

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East Adelaide F.C

east adl futbol.pngWe supported East Adelaide F.C. in the amateur female and male Adelaide soccer league. Sports, particularly those team-based, can improve resilience, enhance psychological and social development (interpersonal skills, confidence and self-esteem), and improve mental health outcomes across the life course.

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