About Us

Container Deposit Systems (CDS) is an Australian-owned and developed company that manufactures technology able to detect, count, classify, and separate beverage containers while capturing real-time data.


CDS is focused on providing innovative and convenient solutions to increase recycling rates and reduce litter. We work closely with partners around Australia to offer a product that meets their specific needs and goals.


CDS also provides a solution to help businesses and governments manage and track their recycling programs. CDS technology is integrated with state-specific schemes and can track recycling rates, generate reports, and provide insights into consumer behaviour.

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about us_ our mission picture.pngOur Vision

To be a leader in providing reliable, efficient and innovative Australian-made recycling technologies to increase productivity in recycling depots and encourage an environmentally friendly future.

To be recognised for the outstanding service, quality and value we provide to our customers, driven by the CDS team.

Our Purpose

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CDS exists to provide commercially compelling and state-of-

the-art AI technology that can identify and separate all eligible containers, modernize the circular economy, solve the problems of depot operators, and provide a solution for,

  • Governments
  • Regulatory authorities
  • Network operators
  • Depot operators
  • The Community

CDS brings decades of experience in the operation and management of

beverage container recycling.  


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 COEX accredited

Board of Directors

Container Deposit Systems is overseen by a board that brings decades of success to the company, led by Executive Chairman Brett Duncanson.

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