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recycling technology

We provide recycling facilities with the opportunity for significant productivity gains, improved customer experience and cash management.

With automation, depot operators can invest their time in improving a better customer experience rather than manually counting and separating containers.

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Secure Data


All our terminals offer real-time cash and data management.

ART (auto redemption terminals) and MIS (manual input station) are integrated with state-specific schemes to share data on the spot, with the capability to provide automated cash and scheme redemptions through our CRT (cash redemption terminal).

Our data management utilises Amazon web services based in Australia.

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When acquiring our technology, you are provided with the tools to monitor and visualize your business performance in real time.

Our operational dashboard translates data into insightful meaning. It supports management decision-making, to improve productivity.

Training and support is provided.

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All ART (Auto Redemption Terminals) are equipped with an audit webcam able to record single transactions while strictly maintaining privacy.

CDS's audit team is capable of providing a various range of services including,

  • Measure the count and classification of any transaction, to test technology efficiency and accuracy.
  • Monitor the behaviour of its users (i.e., recycling trafficking, fraud, and misusing/misbehaving).
  • Maintain strict privacy.
  • Provide a written report upon request.

Auditing can be conducted randomly or requested by contacting CDS service support to help Depot Managers improve productivity and efficiency.

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Proudly accredited by COEX (Container Exchange)

Our partners can trust that CDS's current and ongoing developments are occurring alongside COEX to ensure first and foremost reliable accurate recycling processes and integrity within the scheme.

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The ACT Container Deposit Scheme and WA Return Recycle Renew trust CDS to provide the technology to recycle and manage data and business performance in an efficient and trustworthy way.


 *Based on a site audit performed on an ART during business operating hours.
** In average. 


Designed and Manufactured in Australia

Our technology is highly adaptable to be integrated into existing recycling facility operations.

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