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Container Deposit Systems technology positions recycling facilities to realise significant productivity gains, improved customer relationships and highly secure and auditable product management.

CDS offers a suite of technology solutions to match facilities of all scales:

The Cash Redemption Terminal (CRT) 

A secure cash dispensing terminal offered automated payment of deposit upon scanning of a barcoded ticket, provided by the customer.

The CRT is paired with various count and sort technology depending on the scale of the facility.

Key Features:

- In-time data capture
- Secure cash management
- 24-hour service support, nationwide  

The Manual Input Station (MIS)

Allows for manual count and sort depot facilities to have data rapidly captured in time. MIS interfaces directly with CRT for all cash handling in a secure manner.

Key Features:

- Manual input
- In-time data capture
- Security
- 24-hour service support, nationwide

The Auto Return Terminal (ART)

A scalable customer interface allowing for rapid throughput, utilising high levels of customer self-service.

An ART based system can be fully self-contained in a container solution with integrated CRT, or can be customised into a broad range of settings. The system provides full container identification and can be scaled up to integrate sorting systems.

Key Features: 

- Vision-based technology recognizing all deposit containers in any condition 
- Self Serve
- Scalable
- In-time data capture
- Count & identification
- 24-hour service support - nationwide

The Bulk Redemption Terminal (BRT)

Designed for facilities processing large volumes, including very large collection points, processing facilities and MRFs. The system includes high-speed singulation and multiple identifications and sorting lines to accelerate throughput while capturing data in real time.

Key Features:

- Vision-based technology recognizing all deposit containers in any condition
- Count and identification / Multiple sorts
- Large volume capability
- Multiple customer capability
- In-time data capture
- 24-hour service support, nationwide

Because Container Deposit Systems technology is designed and manufactured in Australia, the ability to maintain and service equipment is assured, minimising the risk of downtime for operators.

Australian technology

Our technology is highly adaptable to be integrated into existing recycling facility operations.

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