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Reinvest profits for a social cause.

A recycling facility can serve as a means to connect with the community and support various causes, such as promoting environmental outcomes, creating local employment opportunities, and funding community-based programs.


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Are you considering becoming a collection point operator?

Whereas you run a non-profit business with a social or environmental mission, a community group or NGO; you have the opportunity to be part of your local Container Deposit Scheme and reinvest in your cause. 

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Stories of Success

Community Recycling Comm Recycling team.JPG

Community Recycling WA is a not-for-profit Containers For Change Refund Point operator that provides fundraising and revenue-raising opportunities for schools, sporting & community groups and commercial venues.

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Cash for Cans

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This QLD depot is run by Incredable, a company which provides charitable services for the relief of suffering, distress, misfortune or helplessness of people with physical or mental disabilities and other disadvantaged people who have difficulty either obtaining or maintaining employment.

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How an Empty Drink Container Can Do Good for the Environment and Those in Need

7 News - Weekender

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