Photograph — Container Deposit Systems Front End • Jan 2019

Luke McGuire

“Love it! It’s the duck's nuts”

That’s the immediate response from Luke McGuire from E & E Waste, when he’s asked if he’s happy with his recently installed CDS technology.

Luke flew to Adelaide to see the CDS technology in action and that was a worthwhile use of his time. The demonstration of the technology was first class and importantly for him, the communication that he’s had with CDS since the demonstration has all been high quality.

The communication has been especially good when he’s contacted SAGE Automation (the CDS national service partner) to ask some questions about hardware maintenance.

Luke appreciated the pre-delivery work that CDS had undertaken and when his CDS units arrived in Goondiwindi they were easily installed and very easily connected to the power by the electricians.

Luke’s not the only happy person in this story. His customers have provided very positive feedback. It’s an easy process, it’s a fast process and it’s basically self-service. All these factors shaped the views of Luke’s customers.

“You have to put the containers on the tray one at a time.” Some customers, when they heard this, thought it would be a long process. Then they saw the speed of the belt. Immediately their concerns disappeared.

Settling disputes about the number of containers presented and counted is no longer an issue. Prior to installing CDS technology, Luke used cameras to settle disputes. Sometimes, because of the time involved in viewing the camera footage, he simply agreed with the customer.

Now, he explains how the CDS technology works and the customer is happy to accept his decision.

Additionally, Luke believes that because CDS technology does not rely on reading bar codes, customers are returning crashed cans rather than sending them to landfill, making the environment a winner.

Luke’s final words:

“CDS technology has removed human error in

  • counting
  • data reporting
  • cash return

 It’s definitely worth the money.”


Ken Apelgate

“I had some reservations”

This was Ken Apelgate’s first response when he heard about the CDS technology.

Those reservations rapidly disappeared when he travelled to Adelaide to see the technology in action. The demonstration and the relationship he developed immediately with CDS staff were the factors behind his decision to invest in the CDS technology, a decision he’s not once regretted.

The installation, at his depot, Pittsworth Metals in Pittsworth Queensland, was hassle-free. The CDS staff were on site, they placed it into the correct position and the electricians connected the power. It’s been all go since that moment.

Ken’s managed the maintenance of his units and has found any time he’s needed to contact CDS personnel with maintenance questions, they’ve been very supportive.

CDS Technology has eliminated human error from the container return process and this is a critical element in the success of the technology according to Ken. When containers were counted manually, interruptions broke the concentration of the person counting and mistakes were made. This led to disagreements about the number of containers returned.

Those interruptions have been eliminated and additionally Ken is also able to explain to customers how the CDS Technology works giving the customer confidence about the accuracy of the count. No disagreement means Ken’s customers have an enjoyable experience at his depot, which is also cleaner than it was in the manual counting days.

It’s so clean that COEX auditors have told him that his depot is, “one of the cleanest depots we’ve seen.”

Topping off a high-quality customer experience is the Cash Redemption Terminal which Ken says for him and the customers, “works really well.”

From reservation to satisfaction for Ken and his customers. The CDS Technology has proven to be a winner.


Damien Woolford

“It’s high tech behind the boxes-but it’s so simple for the customer at the front of the boxes.”

This is Damien Woolford’s description of the CDS Technology which he’s installed at both Southport and Stapylton on the Gold Coast, where his reverse retail deposit return business depots are located.

  • How could this technology keep pace with the volume of cans and bottles in a high-volume yard?
  • Would it be as good as hand speed?
  • Would his customers appreciate the experience?

All questions Damien asked himself when he first saw the CDS Technology.

And the answers?

His customers love it.

In fact, they absolutely enjoy being involved in the process of dispatching their containers, watching the count and redeeming their cash payment. They can see that every container is counted on the screen in front of them.

No conflicts about counting correctly adds to the high-quality customer experience, which is further enhanced by the cleanliness of the yard.

To Damien, the customer experience is all important. Any skepticism his customers had about being ripped off by a machine disappeared on first use.

And the waiting time is super short.

And one more positive about customer experience. The CDS Technology has allowed Damien to redeploy a staff member from the previous manual counting line into a customer service role.

Great customer experience continues at the Cash Redemption Terminal. For the customers there’s no grey area.

  • Bottles have been counted accurately
  • An accurate receipt has been provided
  • The Cash Redemption Terminal dispenses the correct amount.

 All good - all simple - all clean. Happy customer!

Damien’s focus is clearly on his customers. Good customer service relies on good people and good processes behind the scenes.

High quality, professional support is how Damien describes the back-up from CDS. Small teething problems and maintenance issues have been resolved quickly, on line, or in person by SAGE Automation (a national, service partner of CDS)

The last words from Damien,

“It’s high tech gear backed up by very professional support from CDS, which all means my customers have a very satisfying experience.”

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