Victoria set to introduce Container Deposit Scheme by 2023

The state will get a container deposit scheme to tackle Victoria's recycling and water crisis in 2023. In February, Premier Daniel Andrews shared on social media that the scheme would be introduced as part of a 'massive overhaul of our state's recycling industry'. Environment and Climate Changes Minister Lily D'Ambrosio also took to social media and announced that this would happen in 2023 but did not give a specific date or in what format the state will introduce the state-wide program (1).


Victoria is currently the only state or territory in Australia that does not offer a cash-for-bottles scheme. The state has resisted the request from the community, industry bodies and other political parties to introduce a scheme for years. Lily Ambrosio said that the introduction of the scheme in the state 'will reduce the amount of plastic and waste that goes to landfills. It will give a second, third and fourth life to a beverage container. It will reduce litter. And it will mean businesses have an ongoing source of recycling material to turn into new products'. She continued that 'this is just the first of a suite of reforms to Victoria's recycling industry' (1).

In addition, to reduce litter and see more plastic, aluminium and glass containers recycled the scheme will also create new jobs (2). Daniel Andrews and Lily Ambrosio have announced an investment of nearly $100m to drive research, expand local processing and manufacturing industry, increase products made from recyclable materials and support local jobs (2). The State government has said that the $96.5m investment will assist local businesses to give new life to old rubbish. Better processing of recyclable materials and getting more value from waste will make end-market uses like plastic in railway sleepers or recycled glass in footpaths more achievable (2). Premier Andrews said 'Victoria will lead the way in giving new life to old rubbish – transforming plastic into roads or coffee grinds in biodegradable cups'. He continued to say that 'with this investment, we'll drive new ideas and innovation. But most importantly we'll create new Victorian jobs'.

In a statement about why it is introducing the Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) and why it is behind other states, the Victorian Government said 'Before deciding whether to introduce a CDS in Victoria we needed to be sure that the benefits of a CDS would outweigh the costs and that the scheme could be designed to be a good fit for Victoria. The Victorian Government also committed to a major overhaul of the kerbside system, and the interactions between kerbside recycling and a CDS are complex.' The State Government reported that they have been monitoring other jurisdictions as they develop and implement their scheme and learning from other experiences, 'waiting to introduce Victoria's CDS means that we can utilize these learnings and design a scheme that will achieve the most benefit for Victoria' (2).

Coca-Cola Amatil has been coordinating the scheme in South Australia. Managing Director for Peter West said CCA supports well-run, cost-effective container deposit systems in every state and territory in Australia. Peter stated 'we welcome Victoria's decision to use container deposit systems to improve beverage container recycling rates'. He continued on the say 'we are very keen to make this container deposit system work. When we sell a bottle, we want to see a bottle again – and again. The container deposit scheme is the best way to support the recycling industry. We would like to work with the Victorian Government to ensure that the container deposit scheme maximizes collection rates and recycling minimizes impact on consumers and the industry.' (2)

The Victorian government is working hard on the design of the Victorian CDS with more information to be expected later this year. Through consultation, Victorians will have the opportunity to have their say as to how the scheme should be designed and implemented.

Waste management is on the agenda for federal government however the primary responsibility lies with individual states and territories. Territory and State governments make policy, regulation, strategy, legislation and plan waste management. These frameworks differ amongst the various jurisdictions. In Queensland, a container deposit scheme has been introduced whereby recycling numbers have not only increased but more jobs have resulted for locals. Shane Stratton, Operations Manager at Reef Recycling reported that ‘the demand was so strong they were looking to recruit more staff and add more bins and counting tables.’ (3) South Australia has the highest resource recovery rate across Australia, 'the resource recovery rate was 62% and the recycling rate was 58%. The trends in recovery and recycling rater are upwards (4). In Western Australia, a container deposit system has been introduced with 'a total of $4.4 million will be used to implement WA's first container deposit scheme with $3.1 million of this invested from 2019 to 2023 for implementation and oversight' (4). The introduction of container deposit schemed are arguably of benefit to local economies and the environment.


About Container Deposit Systems

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