Telstra Best of Business Awards 2022

Australia’s most prestigious business awards.

In 2022, 24,310 businesses entered The Telstra Best of Business Awards. 239 of these entrants have been selected as state finalists across Australia. Container Deposit Systems is a state finalist in the following three categories:

  • Embracing Innovation
  • Promoting Sustainability
  • Outstanding Growth

We’re obviously delighted to be chosen in three categories and believe its recognition of our approach to providing world leading, semi-automated technology coupled with a 24/7 maintenance system that reduces Australia’s landfill and contributes positively to the circular economy.

Not only does it reduce the nation’s litter, it is manufactured in Australia, providing jobs for Australians in the development, manufacture and maintenance of the technology and also jobs in the recycling depots.

In only our third year of operation (our first Auto Return Terminal was installed in January 2019) our selection as finalists has reaffirmed to us the appropriateness of our vision, our goals and our processes.

The awards process to date has involved a detailed analysis of all aspects of our business.

It has required us to answer questionnaires, provide documentation telling our story and front the judges in online interviews.

Documenting our story involves three key groups, the recycling depot owners, the state legislative authorities (e.g. COEX and WARRRL) and the community.

To be selected as a finalist is a reward for all of our customers; recycling depot owners who understood the efficiencies that our technology would provide and invested in our vision.

Our customers have now had their decision to invest reinforced by the judges of a high profile, highly regarded national competition.

Without the endorsement of the state legislative authorities, our success would have been much reduced. Their diligent approach to ensuring that our semi-automated technology met their legal requirements, means recycling depot owners have confidence in the long-term future of our technology.

The story we told is underpinned by community acceptance. Our technology would be of little value if the community didn’t use it.

They are using it.

Every week there are approximately 30 million eligible containers returned to recycling depots using our technology.

Now our story includes “State Finalist. Telstra Best of Business Awards 2022.”

In February 2022 we’ll discover if we are state winners.