Roger Davies - Bio

Roger Davies, for some inexplicable reason has always lived by the sea.

His father was born in Semaphore and Roger was born in Wallaroo. At one time he lived in Port Lincoln and he now lives in Birkenhead. For a short period, he lived in Cairns.

All by the sea.

This paragraph should be a sea shanty, but it’s not.

You could argue that in home addresses he’s followed a circular pattern; Semaphore, Wallaroo, Port Lincoln, Birkenhead. Semaphore and Birkenhead being a stone’s throw from each other.

His professional life has been anything but circular. It’s been a straight line of continuing professional development. He’s constantly improved his knowledge and skills. Starting as an apprentice fitter and turner, he’s now a source of high-end support to the SAGE team, the maintenance contractors for CDS Technology.

About 40 years ago he was an apprentice faced with a choice as were all fitter and turner apprentices. Follow the maintenance path or the machinery path.

Fortunately for the depot owners using CDS Technology he chose the maintenance path. He spent his day repairing machines or installing new equipment.

His apprenticeship did not follow the normal course. He started with Rover Scott Bonnar at Thebarton, but the company was sold. He obtained a government assisted apprenticeship at General Motors Holden at Woodville.The assistance was for 12 months and ended before he finished his apprenticeship and he needed to find another employer. British Tube Mills at Kilburn provided the opportunity for him to complete his apprenticeship. Before leaving British Tube Mills he worked in the maintenance team and in the tool-making section.

His life-long, varied and continuous professional development was underway. He’d already noticed the arrival of plastics and pneumatics, which are now, both a key component of his role at CDS.

He’s gone from maintaining machines built in the 1970s and making metal tubes from flat, rolled steel to travelling Australia visiting power stations and fabrication companies, testing the integrity of their plant using non-destructive testing methods such as magnetic particle testing and ultrasonics and radiography, both gamma and x-ray.

It was at Michell Leather at Thebarton where he learnt not only to manage a maintenance store, but also how to purchase, how to import. He also learnt the importance of ensuring a full inventory of parts.

All these situations have blended neatly and made him the perfect fit for his job as Operations Coordinator at CDS. It seems that for all his life he has been preparing for this position. He’s got the knowledge that allows him to provide high-end support to the maintenance team and ensure that there is a full inventory of parts.

There seems to be a natural link between a man who is daily involved in ground-breaking technology such as CDS Technology, somebody who ensures the inventory is full and a man who enjoys high performance motor racing, a world full of leading-edge technology and pantechnicons full of inventory.

Roger has attended the Dutch MotoGP, The Australian Formula One, events at Silverstone and the Tour de France. Whilst the Tour is not motor racing, it is reliant on cutting edge technology and highly reliant on spare parts being available at a second’s notice.

He says he’s not really a motor racing fan, he just enjoys the events.

Maybe he just enjoys an environment where people develop and use state of the art technology and always have the support and materials they need.

The perfect personality type for Operations Coordinator at CDS.