Wine and Spirit bottles accepted in QLD

Good news for Queenslanders! The Honourable Meaghan Scanlon, Minister for the Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, announced that glass wine and spirit bottles will be part of Queensland's Container Refund Scheme

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The addition of these containers to the scheme has been debated during the past months and involved an extensive consultation period to consider Queenslander's thoughts about the expansion of the scheme. As Container for Change QLD gets sorted out for implementation on 1st November this year, we at Container Deposit Systems can't be more enthusiastic about the news. 


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Container Deposit Systems technology will read and classify new eligible containers

Our auto-redemption machines have the capacity to count and classify all sorts of eligible containers with an accuracy of  99.8%. Thanks to the AI Vision-based technology that runs these machines, we can teach them how to recognize and classify new typologies of containers.  In a few months from today, the community of Queensland will be able to bring their empty containers, including wine and spirit bottles, to our auto redemption terminals and get a 10c refund for all eligible containers sent through. 


Are wine and spirit containers eligible for a 10c refund everywhere else in Australia?

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In Australia, the eligibility of wine and spirit containers for a 10c refund depends on the state or territory where the containers are being returned.

 Wine and spirit containers are currently not eligible for a refund under any respective container deposit schemes, other than Queensland from November this year.

 It is important to note that container deposit schemes vary by state and territory in Australia, and each scheme has its own eligibility criteria that are updated independently. Therefore, it is recommended to check the specific rules and regulations of the container deposit scheme in your state or territory to determine whether wine and spirit containers are eligible for a refund.


Container deposit schemes are an effective way to incentivize people to recycle and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills or the environment. 

Expanding the types of containers that are eligible for the scheme means that more materials can be recycled, which is good news for the environment. It also means that the value of the deposit system is extended to more products, which can increase participation in the scheme and make it more effective overall.

In short, making new types of containers eligible for a deposit scheme is good news because it encourages recycling, reduces waste, and benefits the environment.