Container Deposit Systems Appoints Key Development Manager

Container Deposit Systems is delighted to announce the appointment of Patricia Moreno to the role of Development Manager to drive technical and process development of the company’s innovative recycling technologies.

For the past two years, Moreno has been completing her Master Thesis at UniSA; researching and detailing the design for a Machine Vision System for Object Detection. Through this work, she has consulted heavily with the Container Deposit Systems team to support the creation of the innovative Bulk Redemption Terminal (BRT). 

Moreno, therefore, has an intimate knowledge of the range of products offered by the company as well as an appreciation for technical and commercial outcomes required by the industry.

Moreno has been working as a mechanical engineer for the past eight years, with a high focus on autonomous systems and implementation of Industry 4.0 cyber-physical systems. This has enabled her to gain extensive exposure to advanced manufacturing technologies, which she will bring to her role at Container Deposit Systems.

In addition to her technical expertise, Moreno has high-level experience in engineering project management.  These skills will be used to support the successful installation and integration of Container Deposit Systems technologies for the company’s clients.  Further, Moreno has led the development of process organisation, undertaken quality assurance and variance analysis as well as development of detailed technical manufacturer’s data reports.

Moreno’s combined work experience, analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of Container Deposit Systems’ technologies will position her to support the company grow both its innovative offerings and customer base. Her skills will further support Container Deposit System clients to achieve maximum results when utilising the company’s award-winning technologies.

“I am thoroughly looking forward to my new position with Container Deposit Systems. It is an interesting time for the recycling industry in Australia. One of our biggest challenges (as an industry) is encouraging the wide-scale take up of recycling by the general population. I feel the answer to this is to simplify the recycling process for households and businesses, to create a streamlined effective process for all. The simpler the process, the more likely people are to go about it. This is where the automation of the recycling system will play a major role in the next few years.

The rollout of new container deposit schemes across Australia has opened new market opportunity for recycling depots across the country. I see more opportunities for the industry via the development of processes that utilise the embedded energy within recyclable materials to create new products; for which there is a market demand.

In three years, I foresee the majority of states and territories in Australia will have implemented a container deposit scheme. Recycling depots will be automating the collection and sorting process with efficient, effective and affordable systems, such as the technologies provided via Container Deposit Systems. In addition, I see an emerging market for recycled products produced from recycled material collected through these programs.”

Patricia Moreno, Development Manager


About Container Deposit Systems

Container Deposit Systems was formed with a vision to oversee the implementation of improved operational practices in recycling facilities.  The company offers a range of services to recycling depot facilities to drive productivity improvements and transition traditional recycling facilities into modern technically advanced operators.

The company achieve this through patented technologies which deliver manufacturing automation to auto-sort materials via a highly sensitive multi-sensor integration.  Systems integrations enable facilities to further gain efficiencies through workflows, materials handling, logistic processes, facility layout and design, customer interaction and data acquisition and management. 

Container Deposit Systems technologies are designed and manufactured in Australia with local partners Sage Automation and Macweld Engineering.

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