Mel McCabe - Bio

The Irony.

Mel McCabe spent many years in the hospitality industry, an industry that produces empty beverage containers.

Now, as the Administration Manager, at Container Deposit Systems, a role she’s held for the last 12 months, she’s a key player in a company that’s focused on recycling those empty beverage containers.

That’s quite a change, from the middle of the chain (produce-use-recycle) to the end of the process.

The change from the hospitality industry to the recycling industry has provided Mel with an increased awareness of the need to recycle and in her own words, “to reduce, reuse and recycle.”

Her move from hospitality to general administration means she’s changed work environments, from clubs and hotels to offices and boardrooms.

It’s a change that suits Mel. Daily she’s involved in document preparation and management, especially hire agreements, financial management, and executive and board support.

Along with Bernie, a key component of Mel’s responsibilities is maintaining the training register, because online training is now a prerequisite before commencing as an operator of the Container Deposit Systems technology.

You can tell by talking with her, that she obviously enjoys working with the recycling depot owners and managers, by telephone, e-mail or more recently in person and assisting them with hire agreements and training requirements.