Maddi McCarthy - Bio

Will that be all Madam?

The robot straightened, having placed the mug of hot tea on the almost bare desk, it returned to its miniature charging station discretely located in the corner of the office.

There are a few charging points, because this is the office of a woman enveloped in the digital world.

This is the office of Maddi McCarthy, Marketing Co-ordinator, Container Deposit Systems.

And no; there is no tea-serving robot. Charging points are few and normal; phone, camera, laptop.

But make no mistake, this is a young woman enveloped in the digital age.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and the list goes on and is growing.

For Maddi, these communication platforms are her everyday workspace, her contemporary storyboards for communicating the stories of CDS and its customers the recycling depot owners.

Ironic then that Maddi McCarthy believes that the key to her success, the most important thing in her daily work as Marketing Co-ordinator in the digital age, is the quality of the relationships she initiates and nurtures around her.

Relationships - recycling depot owners, the customers of the recycling depot owners - Maddi’s focus on relationships captures all these people.

Building the digital communication platform for Container Deposit Systems means that Maddi’s telling the story of Container Deposit Systems, its unique to the world technology, its highly appreciated and high-quality customer service, its rapid growth.

She’s also telling the stories of the recycling depots and their customers - people who recycle their containers and collect their 10 cents.

In this digital age it means she’s responding to the end-user, the person returning the container.

Customers ask questions, comment on her posts, blogs and tweets and she responds, all the time conscious of the fact that she’s nurturing relationships.


It was through a series of relationships that Maddi found herself at Container Deposit Systems.

Babysitting for a friend, Brigid Koenig who is the General Manager at the Sammy D Foundation, the conversation, as it often does, turned to Maddi and her study at UniSA. Part way through her Degree in Media and Communication, Maddi started her own company specialising in developing a digital footprint for organisations.

What could Sammy D Foundation use in a volunteer capacity? Someone who could develop its digital footprint? The links are joined.

Here’s another link in this chain.

Brett Duncanson, Chairperson at the Sammy D Foundation and the Executive Chairman at Container Deposit System wants to employ a Marketing Co-ordinator.

The final link is joined to the chain.

Maddi McCarthy is the Marketing Co-ordinator at Container Deposit Systems.