A New Era Begins: LVE's Successful Grand Opening in Beverage Container Recycling!


In the bustling town of Morwell, Victoria, Latrobe Valley Enterprises (LVE) stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity. This socially responsible enterprise has long been on a mission – a mission to create meaningful employment opportunities for individuals living with disabilities in their community. Their services, ranging from Commercial grounds and facility services to Recycling and Secure document destruction, have made a significant impact on both the lives of their employees and the environment.


Fostering Inclusivity Through Purposeful Work

LVE's current operations in Victoria are diverse, ranging from Commercial Grounds & Facility Services, Recycling and Secure Document Destruction, to Business Support Services and Signmaking manufacturing. These services are not merely business ventures; they are the threads that knit together LVE's primary mission - to empower and support its unique workforce.

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Expanding Horizons: LVE's Dive into Bottles and Cans

Driven by their commitment to environmental sustainability, LVE has embarked on a new venture - the Container Deposit Scheme. For LVE, this isn't just a business expansion; it's an opportunity to minimize landfill waste and provide their dedicated team members with avenues to serve their local community actively. 

Technology for Transformation: Automated Terminals

and LVE's Mission

The utilization of Container Deposit System's automated terminals is pivotal for LVE's involvement in the Scheme. These terminals empower LVE's team members, ensuring active participation in the initiative, and aligning seamlessly with their mission of purposeful work and inclusivity.

Nurturing Sustainability and Collaboration

Participating in the CDS is LVE's way of contributing significantly to environmental sustainability and community engagement in Victoria. By facilitating the collection and recycling of containers, LVE not only reduces waste but also unites the community in a shared goal of environmental conservation.

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Reinvestment for a Better Tomorrow

With a non-profit status, LVE plans to reinvest the funds generated through the CDS back into their organization. This reinvestment fuels their continuous pursuit of new opportunities, enabling them to create sustainable employment and support projects that make a tangible difference in the lives of those they serve.

Join the Journey: LVE's Grand Opening

LVE invites individuals and communities to actively support their mission through the program. November 1st, 2023, marked the beginning of Victoria's Container Deposit Scheme. LVE encourages everyone to participate, engage with their team members, and be a part of this transformative initiative.


Join LVE on their journey towards a more sustainable, inclusive, and empowered community. Together, we can create lasting change, one bottle at a time.


[For more information and updates, visit www.containerdepositsystems.com.au]