David McGary - Bio

Serendipity is at work here.

“serendipity - the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.”

Events have happened in Dave McGary’s life that have led him to Container Deposit Systems.

The clients of Container Deposit Systems and Dave are the beneficiaries of those events.

He started his working life as an electrician in Melbourne.

He’s now the National Business Development Manager for Container Deposit Systems.

As the definition for serendipity states, events happened, a story occurred, that led Dave from electrician to National Business Development Manager.

It’s a story peppered with circumstance and opportunities seized.

It’s meant Dave’s had a set of experiences that benefit the clients of Container Deposit Systems.

At 24 years of age Dave owned his own electrical contracting business in Melbourne. 4 years later he badly broke a leg playing football.

A badly broken leg and an electrician, not a good match.

An electrician with a ruptured posterior cruciate ligament and a broken tibia and fibula (in plaster for four months) finds it difficult to move around a construction site.

But, he could talk. He’s a very good talker.

He became a sales rep for Clipsal Electrical in Melbourne. He worked for Clipsal Electrical for 9 years, the last few years as Clipsal’s National Projects Manager.

He decided to put some theory behind his natural sales talent. A Masters Degree in Business Administration specialising in Marketing from Monash University provided the theory.

Selling electrical equipment and selling windows and doors requires the same skill set. That’s what Canterbury Windows and Doors thought when they approached him to be their National Sales and Marketing Manager. Dave held this Melbourne based position for 2 years.

In the meantime Clipsal Electrical was sold to Schneider Electrical. Schneider needed a General Manager, Sales/Marketing.

Enter dave’s family, his wife and 2 children. The Schneider Electrical position is based in Adelaide. The family moves to Adelaide.

Move on 5 years.

A high-tech start up company (does this sound familiar - think Container Deposit Systems) approaches Dave and he becomes a partner in Enviro Nexus. Enviro Nexus designs and manufactures wireless automation systems. The systems are retrofitted to existing homes to make them smart homes.

Enviro Nexus is located in Melbourne. The family decides to move back to Melbourne. Preparations for the return are going well when a hiccup occurs. Daves daughter’s partner can’t transfer his university studies to Melbourne.

Dave and his wife decide to relocate to Melbourne and travel often to Adelaide to see his daughter.

Problem solved.

Until, COVID.

The plans for frequent travel are no more.

A close family unit is disrupted

Dave decides to seek employment in Adelaide.

Container Deposit Systems advertises a position, National Business Development Manager.

The rest as they say is history. Dave started working at Container Deposit Systems in July 2021.

It seems as though life has been preparing Dave for this position since he started working.

From his early days as an electrician Dave’s always had an interest in technology. A perfect fit for someone working at Container Deposit Systems.

His experience as a partner at Enviro Nexus is again a perfect fit for someone working in a high-tech start up such as Container Deposit Systems.

Having owned his own business he appreciates the intricacies of small business ownership.

Working for Clipsal Electrical in Melbourne he was working with small business owners. As the General Manager Sales Marketing for Schneider Electrical he made presentations in the board rooms of global companies. Wonderful experiences for someone who is now working:
• one day, with a recycling depot owner who owns one depot
• and another day with a client who owns multiple depots across several states.

The value of these experiences is multiplied many times when they are seen through the prism of Daves over riding passion.

What is that passion?


Dave’s passionate about sales, about selling.

Dave’s first rule of selling - develop a position of trust between your client and yourself.

Knowing your client’s situation and providing a solution to your client’s problem is at the centre of Dave’s attitude to sales.

That attitude, that passion, those experiences - the beneficiary - Container Deposit System’s clients.

“serendipity - the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.”