CDS Vic and Container Deposit Systems Bring Technological Innovation to Collection Depots

We are thrilled to announce that Container Deposit Systems (CDS) is partnering with new container collection depots across the Eastern Victoria Zone to introduce cutting-edge technology that will revolutionize the container deposit process.


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Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme starts on November 1st and CDS aims to streamline and optimize the recycling experience, making it more convenient and efficient for both consumers and recycling depots.


Container Deposit Systems: Pioneering a Green Revolution

Container Deposit Systems is a renowned industry leader in the design and implementation of state-of-the-art container deposit solutions. With a mission to promote sustainability and foster a circular economy, CDS has successfully introduced its technology in Queensland, Western Australia and the ACT, driving positive environmental change.

The Introduction of CDS Technology to Victoria

As Victoria embarks on this transformative journey of environmental responsibility, Container Deposit Systems is proud to collaborate with container recycling depots throughout the VIC East Zone. CDS will provide its advanced AI vision-based machines and other innovative tools to enhance the container collection process and make it more accessible to the public.

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How CDS Technology Works

1. Automated Redemption Terminals (ARTs): CDS will install state-of-the-art ARTs at designated collection points. These machines are designed to accept empty beverage containers in any shape and condition and provide instant refunds to consumers.

The ARTs use AI vision-based technology to identify eligible containers, even when these are crushed and no longer have labels, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free recycling experience. (+learn more about AI vision-based)



2. Smart Data Management: CDS technology allows recycling depots to monitor collection trends, container types, and recycling rates in real-time.

 This data-driven approach empowers depots to optimize their operations, plan for inventory, and continuous improvement.



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3. Community Engagement: CDS technology offers an interactive and user-friendly interface that engages the community during the recycling process.

The terminals are so easy to use that kids enjoy coming along and doing their part in the recycling process. 





As Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme commences operations on November 1st, 2023, Container Deposit Systems stands ready to support recycling depots across the state in their quest for sustainability. 

Together, let us embrace innovation and environmental responsibility, making Victoria a shining example of how technology and collaboration can transform waste into a valuable resource.


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