So Fast You Can See it Growing

“Jack woke, looked through the window and saw that his bean had grown so rapidly that it was reaching through the clouds.”

The growth in the number of recycling depots using CDS technology is not unlike the growth of Jack’s bean in the story,  Jack and The Beanstalk.

Just consider the numbers.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 12.15.03 pm.png

The growth in the use of CDS technology actually makes Jack’s beanstalk look like a slow grower.

These figures are for only Queensland. Depot Owners in Western Australia are now showing interest.

Even CDS is amazed at the popularity of the technology. It estimated that by the end of 2019 there would be 15 sites. There are now 40 sites. That’s a 165% increase over estimate.

“I came, I saw, I conquered,” are the famous words of Julius Caesar when he was reporting to the Senate in Rome on his very swift victory at The Battle of Zela in modern day Turkey.

“I see it, I like it, I have to have one,” could be the words of Recycling Depot Owners who see a demonstration of the CDS technology.

It’s the Recycling Depot Owners who are responsible for the rapid increases in the number of CDS units in operation. They are leading what could be described as a quantum leap in the recycling industry.


Returning Customers

The customer, the centrepiece of a Recycling Depot Owner’s life, is the real beneficiary of the CDS technology.  Arrive at the depot with your used containers, tip them into the hopper and place the items into the Automated Redemption Terminal. Remove your printed receipt from the ART. Insert it in the Cash Return Terminal and take your cash or insert your credit card and have the amount credited to your account. No mess, no arguments about the number of containers. No time wasted. Perfect scenario. Happy customer, importantly, a returning customer.

The Depot Owners

Speak with some of the depot owners and you’ll hear them say,

“It’s so clean that COEX auditors have told him that his depot is, “one of the cleanest depots we’ve seen.”

Ken Apelgate-Pittsworth Metals


“CDS technology has removed human error in

data reporting
cash return
It’s definitely worth the money.”

Luke McGuire-E & E Waste


Powerful Forces

Leading edge technology is one thing, when you couple it with a very personal service from the top of the organisation and add in a National Service Centre that operates 24/7 you have powerful forces on your side. Brett Duncanson (Executive Chairman CDS) and the board of directors of CDS are both mindful and adamant that no matter how popular the technology becomes, the high quality and personalised service they’ve provided to their initial depot owners is the benchmark for all future depot owners.

As Damien Woolford from Southport Bottles and Cans says, 

“It’s high tech gear backed up by very professional support from CDS, which all means my customers have a very satisfying experience.”