Cathy Sellars - Bio

They stood forlornly.

Apprehension in the air.

And this was an extended family gathering. Supposedly, a joyous occasion.

They knew eventually, inevitably the conversation would turn to their recycling practices, or lack of them.

They were at the home of Cathy Sellars, recently appointed Administration Assistant, Container Deposit Systems. 

Cathy Sellars, it would be unsurprising if her family referred to her as:

The Czar of Compost
The Reigning Monarch of Recycling. 


- maintains her own compost area
- keeps chickens and feeds them the family food scraps
- returns her recyclable 10 cent deposit containers
- collects plastic bags in a plastic bag and returns them to her supermarket
- collects the tops of plastic bottles and places them in a large plastic bottle and drops them into her council recycle bin.

Like all devotees and Cathy has been a devotee since the 1970s, it’s spreading her views, influencing, that she enjoys.

No wonder then that family members stand forlornly.

As their conversation turns to recycling habits, as it will, their failings will be revealed.

There is no meanness in this conversation, there is no attempt to embarrass.

But like an experienced surgeon wielding the sharpest of scalpels, incisions will be made.

Just as the scalpel lays bare disease, Cathy’s questions, explanations, knowledge sharing, shine a bright light on missed recycling opportunities, incorrect techniques, hints that family members intuitively know they should immediately act upon.

Serious converts to the world of recycling, of course produce their own energy. Solar panels adorn her family home and are accompanied by a battery.

A wind generator? No, but she’d like one.

Whilst there’s no wind generator there are 3 rainwater tanks used to irrigate the family vegetable garden.

Managing a sophisticated home recycling system and working at Container Deposit Systems seems like a marriage made in heaven. Cathy certainly thinks so. Amazed by the Container Deposit Systems technology, Cathy appreciates the company’s values and her own are aligned.

There’s only one unanswered question: why does she not have a worm farm?