Bio for Daina Ross

If you were a school friend of Daina Ross and you asked her to fix your laptop, you asked the wrong person.

Ironic, because Daina, is now a Graduate Engineer at Container Deposit Systems (CDS).

Additionally, she’s nearly completed a Bachelor of Engineering, with Honours, specialising in robotics and a Masters Degree in Engineering, specialising in electronics but her passions at school were studying and sport.

She’s obviously a high-achieving, young woman. Her ATAR score was extraordinarily high and she has represented South Australia in her chosen sport.

Her interest in things electronic was sparked whilst she was enrolled in a bio-medical engineering degree. Two years into this degree she decided that she had more interest in programming and electronics than she did in physiology, thus the switch was made.

Daina sees programming as another language. C, Python and Java Script are examples she gives as the languages of the programmer. Her love of languages is another reason Daina enjoys programming. She learnt Japanese to year 12 and speaks Serbian which she learnt from her mother, who was born in Serbia.

As part of her course work at Flinders University she undertook an industry placement at SAGE Automation. During this placement she worked on The Autonomous Vehicle Bus Stop - a bus stop for a driverless bus.

An interactive screen is a feature of the bus stop, as is a real-time timetable. It also has a voice assistant and sign language interpreter which is integrated with the voice assistant.

At first look, an Autonomous Vehicle Bus Stop and technology that detects and identifies containers don’t appear to have much in common. However, at the heart of both of these systems is machine learning.

Daina’s involvement in the Autonomous Vehicle Bus Stop project provided a natural pathway from SAGE Automation to CDS. This experience, coupled with her personal drive to succeed and a desire to always find the answers to the hard questions, have set the foundation for her employment at CDS.

She’s been using her university study and her experience in the Autonomous Vehicle Bus Stop project to assist the CDS team to: remotely commission the CDS Technology as it is installed in waste recycling depots and support the CDS Research and Development programs.

As a new member of the CDS team, Daina’s become acutely aware of the level of resource, both financial and human, required to develop and maintain the CDS Technology. Additionally, she’s immediately appreciated the role of the partners in the CDS story.

She’s also aware of the customers’ perceptions of the CDS Technology and the reality of developing and maintaining that Technology. The customer tips empty containers onto a belt and they are detected, classified and counted. It sounds simple but there is a highly sophisticated piece of technology behind those processes.

Although she’s a recent entrant to the industry, Daina has views about its future. She believes that it’s hard to predict the future. Machine learning, technology in general, indeed any sphere of human activity is unpredictable. What is predictable is that it’s an exciting future and one she hopes improves the lives of people.

Daina’s a perceptive young woman, already with a record of success and a huge desire to succeed. Both CDS and its customers, the recycling depot owners will be the beneficiaries of her work.