Big Boost for Recycling Depot Owners

More Beverage Containers to be Returned to Recycling Depots

Australia’s biggest beverage company, Coca-Cola and its packaging partner Coca-Cola Amatil have announced major changes that will dramatically increase the number of beverage containers returned to recycling depots.

From the beginning of 2020, the company has decided that:

70% of all Coca-Cola plastic bottles in Australia will be made entirely from recycled plastic.
This includes all beverages across its soft drink, water, and juice range in 600 ml and under bottles
It also includes 750 ml pump bottles.
It will double the amount of recycled plastic used in bottles and tests are underway to find a methodology that will allow the company’s larger branded bottles to be recycled.

This decision means that the company can avoid using 16, 000 tonnes of virgin plastic each year.

By 2030, globally, the company hopes that the number of bottles and cans it sells each year is matched by the number of bottles and cans collected and recycled.

Coca-Cola, Australia’s biggest beverage company believes its commitment to the 2030 goal is the biggest by any beverage company in Australia.

In addition to its commitment to increase the use of recycled plastic:

It supports cost-effective container deposit schemes.

It has made its bottles and cans recyclable by design to give them every chance of being recycled.
It will apply its global marketing muscle to help educate the public on what, how and where to recycle.

It will continue to team with local communities, NGOs, industry peers and consumers to help make recycling easier.

Coca-Cola’s decision to increase the use of recycled plastics and its commitment to educating the public about the value of recycling, inevitably means that consumers will be returning more containers to recycling depots.