Bernie Pearce - Bio

Risk Taker Meets Leading Edge Company


Resigning from her job to travel Europe with her daughter labels Bernie Pearce as a risk-taker.

How appropriate that she finds herself working in a company that is considered by industry stakeholders as leading edge in the field of beverage container recycling.

Bernie spent almost 30 years as a member of the Smith Motor Company workforce. When she resigned, she was the Administration Manager at Dave Benson Caravans (part of the Smith Motor Group).

Why did she resign?

Her daughter was in Scotland as part of an exchange program between UniSA and Strathclyde University. As many would, Bernie and her husband visited their daughter.

During this visit, Bernie’s daughter suggested that they travel through Europe together. Many, probably most people, especially those who worked in the same company for 30 years, would not resign to travel. Not Bernie. She returned to Australia, resigned, went back to Scotland and travelled through Europe for 7 weeks.

Reality is next.

Back in Australia, Bernie needed employment. Fortunately, Container Deposit Systems was seeking a person with finance, account management and general administration expertise. Bernie and Container Deposit Systems are a perfect fit. In her day-to-day work at CDS, Bernie assists with document preparation, hire agreements, and maintaining & creating the training program.

Is that the end of her daughter’s influence? No.

Bernie’s acutely aware that she’s working in an industry that’s playing a vital role in managing the environment, that’s assisting in reducing landfill. She sees her daughter’s values, which have influenced her own values in the daily work of Container Deposit Systems.