A new level of professionalism

Groundbreaking technology matched by high-quality training.

That’s the outcome of the most recent initiative delivered as a part of Container Deposit Systems’ determined effort to ensure that:

  1. Recycling Depot owners maximize their return on investment
  2. Australia continues to improve its beverage container return record

Container Deposit Systems’ enviable reputation for developing and installing state-of-the-art container return technology throughout Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory will soon be matched by a reputation for delivering high quality, online training for staff operating the technology.

Container Deposit Systems has commissioned and worked in a partnership arrangement with Skills Lab to develop and deliver an online training package for depot staff.

Depot managers, especially multi-site managers, will appreciate that all their staff will be trained and that the training has been specifically designed for the Container Deposit Systems’ technology.

Managers won’t be the only people to have confidence in the staff because of the training. Government-appointed agencies such as COEX, tasked with the responsibility of overseeing and auditing all aspects of the container return process will also appreciate the fact that completing the training is a prerequisite for employment to operate the Container Deposit Systems’ technology.

A requirement of the Container Deposit Systems’ license agreement will be that all staff must have completed the training before working with the technology so that they can correctly supervise the customer's returns.

Recycling depot owners will have access to the online training at no cost, and the training can be undertaken at a licensed depot.

In an unlikely situation where a customer experiences difficulty with the technology, trained staff will be immediately able to resolve that issue.

Immediate resolution has a twofold impact:

  1. The customer continues to have an enjoyable experience, thus encouraging future visits to the recycling depot which in turn impacts on the container return rate.
  2. The recycling depot owner keeps a satisfied, repeat customer and has little or no downtime.

Developing the online training package, providing it at no cost and insisting that all staff complete the training before working with the technology, demonstrates the highly sophisticated and professional attitude that Container Deposit Systems is taking towards this rapidly growing industry.

Less than 9 months have elapsed since the first recycling depot installed Container Deposit Systems technology, now a sophisticated online training package is a prerequisite for operating the technology.

This is another step in the Container Deposit Systems’ story, a story laced with professionalism, innovation and a keen eye on the future.

CDS training

27 Sept 2019