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David McGary

National Business Development Manager

Serendipity is at work here.

“serendipity - the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.”

Events have happened in Dave McGary’s life that have led him to Container Deposit Systems. 

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Patricia Moreno

Senior Development Engineer

Born in Spain, Patricia Moreno attended Universidad De Navarra where she gained a Bachelor Degree in Engineering. That was just the start of a long professional and personal journey.

In September 2018 she became an employee of CDS as the Development Engineer, where she has a big interest in the areas of; autonomous systems, visual systems, machine learning; the backbone of the CDS technology.

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Danny Cox

QLD State Manager

Danny has a diverse career background from operating a small business to being on the executive board of a major manufacturing business in the FMCG space driving sales both domestically and internationally for 25 years.

More recently Danny has dedicated the last 12 Months heavily involved in the Containers for Change roll out in Queensland. He has a sound knowledge and has built up wonderful relationships with new and existing operators during mobilisation and post go live Nov 1 2018.

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Siavash Khorsandi Amoli

Systems Manager

Siavash talks enthusiastically about the future of the CDS technology. Why wouldn't he? He's young, enthusiastic, about to start a new chapter in his life in a new country. He wants to contribute, to make his mark.

Arriving in Australia he volunteered at the Campbelltown City Library, because he wanted to contribute to his local community. Now as a member of the CDS staff he wants to impact on the service the Recycling Depot Owners receive from CDS.

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Mel McCabe

Administration Manager

Mel McCabe spent many years in the hospitality industry, an industry that produces empty beverage containers.

Now, as the Administration Manager, at Container Deposit Systems, a role she’s held for the last 12 months, she’s a key player in a company that’s focused on recycling those empty beverage containers.

That’s quite a change, from the middle of the chain (produce-use-recycle) to the end of the process.

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Cathy Sellars


They stood forlornly.

Apprehension in the air.

And this was an extended family gathering. Supposedly, a joyous occasion.

They knew eventually, inevitably the conversation would turn to their recycling practices, or lack of them.

They were at the home of Cathy Sellars, recently appointed Administration Assistant, Container Deposit Systems.

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Tom Woodward

System Support Technician

What does the board game, Dominion, the sport of bouldering, trail running and a systems support technician have in common?

You’re always looking for a solution to an issue. 

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Tim Attard

System Support Technician

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